Friday, August 13, 2010

and then I met a boy...

Throught college and the beginning of my job, I continued to bake. I usually stuck to my specialies, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies & blueberry pies. Then I met Drew. As soon as we started dating, I started seriously baking. I guess that's one of the reasons he stuck around! :) I have never thought of myself as creative but Drew definitely is & artistic. The first time I made my roll-out cookies for Drew with our flat powdered sugar/water icing, he suggested that we get more adventurous with our decorating. We started using icing pens & created some of the cutest cookies. We even made cookie bouquets for my best friend's wedding shower & my neice Jolie's first birthday party. People usually don't believe Drew when he says that he helps me decorate, but he really does! And as frusturating as it is for me, he is usually the more creative one with the best ideas! I have been known to copy his designs a time or two! So, I bake & we decorate together. We make a really great team! Here is a sample of our cookie art.

it all started..

with my mom. My obsession with baking goes a long way back, all 25 years. I started "helping" my mom bake as soon as I could stand up on a chair next to her in the kitchen. She would always let me do what I could & in the process, I started to love to bake as much as she did. I was the kid in class whose mom always sent the best baked goods for school parties! Our specialty has always our roll-out sugar cookies. Trust me, they are super yummy! Between the two of us, it is quite possible that we own every cookie cutter ever made. Between birthdays, holidays, the A&H show, etc, she showed me how to bake everything from cookies, cakes, pies, brownies, & yes, cupcakes. I really love to bake with my mom. She was a great teacher & it meant a lot of quality time together. Unfortunately, as I get older & live far away, we don't get to do this very often anymore. But when we do, it's a familiar routine that we slide right into. Someday it will be awesome to watch her teach my future daughter the same way she taught me!


Hello!! Welcome to Baby Cakes Cupcakes by the Self's! Making & decorating cupcakes has become our new obsession. With this blog, we will be able to share our creations with more than just the facebook world. We started with a couple of books, (Martha Stewart Cupcakes, Cake Dr, & What's New Cupcake), some extra time & lots of creativity. Now, after a couple of weeks, we are getting pretty good! Our goal is to try a new design every week! Each time we do cupcakes, we try a different recipe & then make them into something cool & pretty! Please let us know what you think of our creations!

Everything you see on our blog or on facebook can be ordered for any party or event that you are having! If you have an idea that you want us to try, we'll do it! Drew's working on getting business cards made, but for now, you can contact us through our blog or facebook.

Thanks for taking the time to view our (ok, my) obsession!.
<3 Kelly & Drew Self
Baby Cakes