Monday, February 28, 2011

Cupcake Party! Tubers, flamingos, hearts & pool balls

I've had this idea of hosting a cupcake party at my house for a while & finally made it happen! I wanted to do this because in all of my books, there are some adorable cupcake designs that I wanted to make, but would probably never have a specific occasion to bake them for. So, I invited my 3 most baking friendly girls for a night of cupcake decorating at my house. I baked all of the cupcakes, full size & minis and the icing in advance. Each girl picked out a specific cupcake that they wanted to try & create. All of our example cupcakes came from these books,

which the 4 of us all own. My party girls were my bff Tiffany, her mom Pam & our friend Kinsey. After each girl picked out the cupcake they wanted to create, they were in charge of bringing the supplies to make 12 of them. During the party, we'd pick one design at a time & all create it together. So that means, each of us would make 3 of each person's pick & we'd all go home with an assortment of 12 cupcakes, 3 of each of the 4 designs. We had an absolute blast having a girls night while decorating! Here's all the cupcakes in the order we created them: 
These were Tiffany's pick. She wanted to do the pool balls to practice for her husband Kevin's birthday. They were really cute. It took us a while to figure out the colors on the striped balls & yes, we know that our numbers do not correspond to the colors. We thought they were super cute & lots of fun! We used sugar sprinkles to add the color & the tops were spree candies that we dipped in white icing & then piped with numbers.

Next up was Kinsey's choice. She chose the pink flamingos & reeds.
These turned out to be one of my favorites of the night. How cute are they?! She picked these as a possibility for her daughter Ava's birthday party.

They neck of the flamingo is a straight pretzel stick, the head is a jelly bean, the nose is one of those banana candies (who knows what they're called?) & the wings were candy melts that we piped on to wax paper & then chilled in the refrigerator.
The water that the reeds are in, is just blue sugar. The reeds themselves are made out of diagonally cut sour straws. The colors together were so bright & pretty!
Next up, was Mama Pam. She picked some Valentine day cupcakes for us to try. The hearts on top were a Sara Lee frozen pound cake that you thaw & cut into hearts using a cookie cutter. The hearts were "glued" onto the bases with icing & then we dipped them into different colored melted icing.

We know our writing skills aren't the best, but we were using a store bought icing pen for quickness, instead of filling a bag & piping real icing. Lesson learned on these- throw away the scrap pound cake immediately or you will be dipping it into the icing & eating the rest of the night!
And these were my choice! Drew & I have loved these since I first bought the book so they were a no brainer for me! They took some time because of all the different details but they were soo worth it!! Each of us created ourselves & our husbands! The heads, bodies & arms were made out of mini vanilla wafers. The girls bikini tops were made out of Dot candy.

The tubes are mini chocolate covered donuts. Our flippers were cut & shaped out of gummy airheads. The bottles the boys are holding are cut sour belts & all hair & facial features were piped with icing.
This is Drew & I! The cupcake in the middle is our icechest filled with drinks! (all diet dr. pepper of course) I loved all of the tubers!
Here we are from left to right, Kinsey, me & Tiffany!
 Wish someone was there to get all 4 of us! Here's Mama Pam
We had an absolute blast & want to do this again really soon! Here are some more pictures of all of our hard work!

Anyone interested in having a cupcake party?

Getting crafty!

This is for a friend at work, & no, it's not mispelled!
  So after stalking my friend JP's blog, Paisley Pink Polka Dots, a lot of practice & some extra time, I decided I would be making lots of my Christmas presents this year. I was very excited to be able to try lots of new stuff & hopefully save us some money! Drew was excited until he realized how much time I would be devoting to my new plan. Also, our house kind of turned into a disaster. A big disaster. It started in my craft room & then kind of oozed into the kitchen, garage, & living room, but things didn't get heated until I accidental got a tiny amount of hot pink spray paint on his BBQ pit. I mean really, is it that big of a deal? Apparently it was & I had to clean up my house full of crafts which Drew started referring to as our Vacation Bible School mess! (yes, we're Baptist) So anyway, we made it & I finished everything that I started for our family & friends! I have a couple of presents I still haven't finished, ok, (haven't even started), but it's only February, I'll get to them before next Christmas! I'm trying to give my husband a break! And for some reason, I'm assuming because Christmas at my mom's with my 3 year old niece is a little hectic, I didn't get a single picture of my mom with anything I made her. What makes that even more crazy is that I made her the most stuff out of anyone!! The last time I was down, I did take a picture of her Lankford sign,
It is going to look awesome when it is finally hung on her maroon living room wall. So, what do you think?

 A cute picture frame for my sister-in-law Teria's desk at school. The picture is of her, my adorable niece Jolie & nephew Cade.
(Mom got one of these as well, with a picture of just the grand kids)
 This sign was commissioned for my brother Cody by my dad. They do A LOT of hog hunting. And I had a lot of fun making this sign rustic by glazing it & beating it up with a hammer, crow bar & even a screw driver!
 This is one of my favorites! A sign to hang outside my brother & sister-in-law's house. He had it hung up the day I gave it to him!
Here's my dad with the picture frame I made for his desk. We love you daddy!! I got the idea from this post on the blog How Does She.

 This is my absolute favorite thing I made this Christmas! Luckily for me, my brother's family went & had pictures taken right before Christmas. I made this frame for their living room. I got the idea from the blog House of Smith's. Here's is even bigger because she used canvas pictures inside the frame.

  This is our niece Kynlee posing with the chalkboard I made her out of an old cabinet door. This is where I got my inspiration.
This is Kynlee's mommy with the sign I made for their house.
This is Drew's sister Lauren. She is getting married to a friend of mine in May, so I made them a sign with their new last name & wedding date. Lauren & Stanley's was the first sign I had ever made! (My parents got a sign with this color combination, Lankford Est. 1979)
These are Drew's parents, my parents-in-law. I really like how their short last name looks on the sign!

This is Drew's aunt & uncle, Doug & Sheri (Tui) Bolland. I drew Tui's name for Christmas, so of course she got a sign! I did hers a little more rustic & absolutely love the way it turned out!
As you can see, I was VERY busy!! So I'm glad everyone liked their presents & a big thank you to Drew to putting up with me while I was doing soo much crafting!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christmas present!!

So I am very happy to announce that Drew got me one of the things I really wanted on my Christmas list this year. What?, you ask, Bakerellas new book, Cake Pops! 
We were headed to a New Year's Eve party at Drew's friends house in Houston, so of course I immediately had to try something new! I already had red & green candy melts at the house so I picked something out with those colors in mind. I decided to try her Cupcake Pops.In the book, her professionally done pops look like this:
Knowing mine wouldn't be this good on my first try, I got to work! We made our cupcake pops chocolate with cream cheese icing & a mix of vanilla and chocolate candy coating. They weren't as hard as I thought they would be, but definitely more messy than I had imagined! Notice how all her pop sticks are still white? Mine, not so much! So please don't judge, it was my first time! Here are my pops
Yes, those are M&Ms on top!
As you can tell, I used all my random, left over Christmas sprinkles!
I went ahead & made some regular pops as well. (Really they were the back ups in case my cupcake pops were total fails!)
As you can tell, my taste tester was very excited!!
Anyway, they were a HUGE hit at the party! Yea for a successful first Cupcake Pop try!
And as a side note, compared to Bakerella's website shots, I really need to work on the art in my photography! Her pictures look so much better!! :(

Toy story alien cupcakes

Sorry, it's been so long since I've blogged! I was very busy during Christmas, & then I just got lazy!! So now I'm playing catch up!
I received an order from a friend of a friend who needed cupcakes for her son's birthday party back in November. He is a big fan of the Toy Story series, so we went back & forth on which character would make the cutest cupcakes. They decided on the green, three eyed alien. (does he have a name?) Anyway, she ordered 2 dozen full size alien cupcakes and 1/2 dozen mini swirl cupcakes with sprinkles, all vanilla in Toy Story wrappers. Drew helped me with these & spent the entire time making the noise that the alien makes in the movie. VERY funny at first, then kinda annoying! Love you babe! Here are the finished products.
Total alien invasion!!
I mean seriously, how cute are these?!
The birthday boy absolutely loved them!! And now, Drew & I want to catch up on the Toy Story movies!
Thanks Mindy!