Monday, February 28, 2011

Getting crafty!

This is for a friend at work, & no, it's not mispelled!
  So after stalking my friend JP's blog, Paisley Pink Polka Dots, a lot of practice & some extra time, I decided I would be making lots of my Christmas presents this year. I was very excited to be able to try lots of new stuff & hopefully save us some money! Drew was excited until he realized how much time I would be devoting to my new plan. Also, our house kind of turned into a disaster. A big disaster. It started in my craft room & then kind of oozed into the kitchen, garage, & living room, but things didn't get heated until I accidental got a tiny amount of hot pink spray paint on his BBQ pit. I mean really, is it that big of a deal? Apparently it was & I had to clean up my house full of crafts which Drew started referring to as our Vacation Bible School mess! (yes, we're Baptist) So anyway, we made it & I finished everything that I started for our family & friends! I have a couple of presents I still haven't finished, ok, (haven't even started), but it's only February, I'll get to them before next Christmas! I'm trying to give my husband a break! And for some reason, I'm assuming because Christmas at my mom's with my 3 year old niece is a little hectic, I didn't get a single picture of my mom with anything I made her. What makes that even more crazy is that I made her the most stuff out of anyone!! The last time I was down, I did take a picture of her Lankford sign,
It is going to look awesome when it is finally hung on her maroon living room wall. So, what do you think?

 A cute picture frame for my sister-in-law Teria's desk at school. The picture is of her, my adorable niece Jolie & nephew Cade.
(Mom got one of these as well, with a picture of just the grand kids)
 This sign was commissioned for my brother Cody by my dad. They do A LOT of hog hunting. And I had a lot of fun making this sign rustic by glazing it & beating it up with a hammer, crow bar & even a screw driver!
 This is one of my favorites! A sign to hang outside my brother & sister-in-law's house. He had it hung up the day I gave it to him!
Here's my dad with the picture frame I made for his desk. We love you daddy!! I got the idea from this post on the blog How Does She.

 This is my absolute favorite thing I made this Christmas! Luckily for me, my brother's family went & had pictures taken right before Christmas. I made this frame for their living room. I got the idea from the blog House of Smith's. Here's is even bigger because she used canvas pictures inside the frame.

  This is our niece Kynlee posing with the chalkboard I made her out of an old cabinet door. This is where I got my inspiration.
This is Kynlee's mommy with the sign I made for their house.
This is Drew's sister Lauren. She is getting married to a friend of mine in May, so I made them a sign with their new last name & wedding date. Lauren & Stanley's was the first sign I had ever made! (My parents got a sign with this color combination, Lankford Est. 1979)
These are Drew's parents, my parents-in-law. I really like how their short last name looks on the sign!

This is Drew's aunt & uncle, Doug & Sheri (Tui) Bolland. I drew Tui's name for Christmas, so of course she got a sign! I did hers a little more rustic & absolutely love the way it turned out!
As you can see, I was VERY busy!! So I'm glad everyone liked their presents & a big thank you to Drew to putting up with me while I was doing soo much crafting!!

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