Tuesday, February 28, 2012

a very PINTERESTING October!

The month of October was packed full of crafts! In fact, I don't think I baked a single cupcake all month! Most of my projects, especially for Halloween, came from my favorite website ever, Pinterest. Here's what was so pinteresting (as Drew likes to say)about October!
At left, is my first ever wreath attempt. I really like it! Here's my inspiration.
I made these shirts for our niece Kambryn's birthday. I think they are super cute! I love the big flower on this one!

My friend Amanda called me in need of gifts for a baby shower. She asked me to make her a wipes case, bib & onesie with the new baby's initial. W, for Willow.

These turned out cute, but it's all pretty standard for me at this point
I LOVE this! Of course, I saw the idea on Pinterest! I am a bath-a-holic, so I thought this would be pretty perfect. It was also a very fun surprise for my husband when he went in to turn on my bath water :)
This brilliant idea came from House of Smiths. I'm trying to organize our laundry room & the ironing board seems to always be in the way, no matter where I stick it. This was the answer! My only problem is the wall hangers I used on the back. They weren't flush with the board, I had used D-ring hangers. Because of the weight of the ironing board, it pulls the sign & the D-ring hangers away from the wall, leaving a gap between the top of the sign & the wall. Thinking it was only a cosmetic problem, I rolled my eyes & moved on, I didn't have anything else to use that night. Well, as of 4 months later, the weight is pulling the screws out of the wall (no Drew, I didn't use a stud. This time you may be right!) Looks like I will have to be addressing this issue in the near future!
But doesn't it look good?! The front hooks that hold the board are from Hobby Lobby.
 Next up was finishing the many October birthday presents I wanted to do. I swear everyone in my family is born in October! Including me! The first project I had was helping my sister-in-law Teria with the decorations for my nephew Cade's first birthday. She decided on a little red wagon theme. Here is his party shirt. On the back, we used the same gingham & spelled our his name across the shoulders. Super cute!
With my cricut & the help of my friend's new cameo, we made this banner, flags for the cupcakes & labels for all the food & drinks. It was the first party that I had done after catching the Pinterest bug. It was a very fun party & I am sorry that I don't have any more pictures than this! I will have to get more from Teria!
I LOVE this DIY canvas print of my nephew Cade that we used as a decoration. I got the idea from Pinterest, originally this post at Girl Inspired. I had a 11x14 print made, modge podged it on a canvas, then distressed the it to give it the antiqued look. Isn't he cute?!
 And here he is again, this time in a shirt I made him for his birthday. I saw this Pin & knew it would be a perfect shirt for Cade!

My next project was a wreath for my mom's birthday! I love this burlap Christmas wreath that I found on Pinterest & knew it would be perfect for mom. I used the tutorial from Craftaholicsanonymous to do both the wreath & the burlap roses. It was very simple & easy to follow! My only problem was that I didn't like any of the colors of burlap that I could find at Walmart & Hobby Lobby. I was making the wreath for my mom to hang up in her classroom as a year round decoration, so of course I wanted it to be her favorite color, purple! Apparently I was feeling very ambitious, because I decided to dye my burlap to get the color that I wanted. My husband thought I was slightly crazy since I had never dyed anything in my entire life. But, after being colored in an ice chest & washed out in the washing machine (twice), I love the color purple I ended up with! BTW-She loved it to!

 I got into a little bit of a tutu phase towards the end of the month. After spotting this Pin with a very easy to follow tutorial, I knew it would be perfect for the baby present that I needed to do. Baby Tenley was born in January & I can't wait to see her in the onesie & tutu I made for her! She is such a beauty!!

My next tutu was for my best friend's daughter's first birthday. Her name is Kallie, or Princess Kallie, or Kallie Kat :) Since her mother & I met at A&M, I thought a maroon & white tutu for game days would be perfect! I wasn't completely sold on the two colored tutu but I ended up really liking it. Here is a link to my best friend's blogpost about the party. She went all out with a Disney Princess theme (of course!) & her cameo got a work out! She made banners, printables, all the desserts and a tutu for the party princess. Really, if someone was throwing me a party, it could have used most of the exact same elements. And yes, I was caught wearing several pieces of the princess costume jewelry :)

Kallie was awesome!! Especially how she dove into the cake! We are NOT shy around here about our love for cake!
And now for all of our Halloween decorations! Every single one was a Pinterest inspired or straight up copied idea! 
First up, the wreath for my front door. I loved this Pin, but instead of taking me to a tutorial, it was an etsy shop. Sorry, I'm not buying it, I want to make it! As you can see, I have a red door so I didn't think the orange wreath would be a good match. I decided to go with black. I cut up my burlap strips, got my wreath form, put in Twilight & went to tying. And tying. And New Moon. And tying. I had NO idea it was going to take that long! O well, I really liked the way it turned out!
 Next I made a wreath for my french doors. Here, I decided to use the same folded burlap technique that I used for my mom's purple one, but in orange! I didn't want to do the roses, just a simple bow.
This is quite possibly my favorite things I made for Halloween. I think they are soo cute!! I saw the idea here & thought it would be a perfect, relatively easy craft that would look great in the house. All it is, is 4-5 2x4s glued together and distressed with a bow on top. The original idea used ribbon to tie them up, but I have a TON of green tulle lying around from my wedding in 2009 so I thought it would be a perfect way to get rid of some of it!

This was with sanding, but without the black distressing from the ink pad. Drew took this one to school & gave it to his partner teacher who enjoys decorating. I seriously love these!
After seeing a very easy ruffle table cloth that Girl Inspired made for her daughter's birthday party, I decided I needed a Halloween table cloth! I got a full size orange sheet from Walmart, cut it down to the correct dimensions for my table, added a ruffle & it was done! I love anything with ruffles!
I had seen several posts on Pinterest using Apothecary jars filled with various things to add pops of color around the house. Luckily, I have several of these jars lying around, I just needed some candy corn & oreos! Which turns out wasn't the best idea. I didn't realize I even liked candy corn until I had a huge jar of them in my living room!
And last, but certainly not least, is the Halloween decoration that my husband helped with! We copied this Pin.
Take 5 2x4s cut to various lengths, screw them together & paint! The painting is where Drew came in. He is definitely the artist in the family, he free handed all the faces. The ghost is a little scary for me, but he was doing it voluntarily, so I let him go with it! Super cute!
So that was my very pinteresting October! Makes me tired just thinking about it all over again. And also, now you know why i haven't blogged about it until February, way too busy!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Whoo Whoo

Owls for a bridal shower? WHOO heard of such?! (ha!) My friend Jennifer got married in October (yes, this blog is at least 4 months behind...) and the bridesmaids were in charge of her wedding shower. Specifically for me, desserts!

 Here maid-of-honor sister Amy planned out the theme & all the decorations. As for the cupcakes, Amy requested owls, a favorite of the bride. Ashamed to say, I only have pictures of the cupcakes! But aren't they great quality pictures? That's because they're not mine! They are all courtesy of my favorite photographer, Jessica Klima.
I am going to have to get a better camera!! So anyway, it was a really great shower for my favorite DIY bride. 
Aren't they cute? All made with oreos, runts & M&Ms. Idea courtesy of one of my favorite cupcake books "Hello Cupcake".

As an added bonus, they fit perfectly in the punch cups! All the guests got to take some home!

Happy Anniversary to US!

Drew & I celebrated our second wedding anniversary on September 26. We decided to head to our nation's capital to celebrate! But because he is a teacher, that meant we had to wait until Thanksgiving to go. No problem, it was still amazing! Here are some pictures from our trip!

Our first stop, Arlington National Cemetery.

 The White House
 George Washington's Estate- Mount Vernon
 My cousin Rhett & his now fiance Anne. She was a fantastic tour guide!
 How cute are we?! :)
Visiting all the monuments
Somehow we always end up with a ton of pictures of Drew wherever we are! I told him that our future children will be flipping through our albums one day wondering if mommy even got to go on the trip!
Here is one of the best stops that we made. Georgetown Cupcakes! Also known as DC Cupcakes on TLC. Let me tell you, these cupcakes were fantastic!! And completely worth the wait in line (even though ours wasn't that long!)

You place your order at the counter & they give you a receipt with a number on it. Then the workers box them up for you & call you to come pick them up.

Be jealous! Drew & I split a box of 6. Okay, 4 were for me & he got 2! Our choices were L-R, T-B, strawberry, pumpkin spice, caramel apple, peanut butter fudge, vanilla birthday & another strawberry.
I really can't tell you which one was my favorite! Since I'm not a chocolate eater, I'd say it was a very close tie between the strawberry & pumpkin spice!
Do you see the size of these things?! They have to be huge not to fit in my big mouth!!
 Here's my handsome husband on our last day. We didn't want to leave!! It was a great city & we had an amazing time!!