Monday, February 13, 2012

Whoo Whoo

Owls for a bridal shower? WHOO heard of such?! (ha!) My friend Jennifer got married in October (yes, this blog is at least 4 months behind...) and the bridesmaids were in charge of her wedding shower. Specifically for me, desserts!

 Here maid-of-honor sister Amy planned out the theme & all the decorations. As for the cupcakes, Amy requested owls, a favorite of the bride. Ashamed to say, I only have pictures of the cupcakes! But aren't they great quality pictures? That's because they're not mine! They are all courtesy of my favorite photographer, Jessica Klima.
I am going to have to get a better camera!! So anyway, it was a really great shower for my favorite DIY bride. 
Aren't they cute? All made with oreos, runts & M&Ms. Idea courtesy of one of my favorite cupcake books "Hello Cupcake".

As an added bonus, they fit perfectly in the punch cups! All the guests got to take some home!

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