Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DIY mirror frame

What to do on a Saturday night when your husband is playing with the guys & your crafty friend wants to hang out? Frame our bathroom mirror! finally! I have had this pin from House of Smiths on my home board for a while, trying to work up the nerve to do this. My friend Jennifer had already done it to her bathroom mirror so we decided it would be a perfect project for us. Here's the before picture of the builder's grade mirror in our master bathroom.  Basic boring mirror with fabulous light fixtures that we added as soon as we moved in.
Jennifer & I measured the mirror & headed to Lowe's for some moulding, base boards & liquid nails. We followed the House of Smith tutorial for the most part, cutting the boards to my mirror's measurements with 45 degree corner angles. It was the first time I had used my brand new miter saw that my parents got me for Christmas (this post is supposed to be February!), so it took us a little while to get the saw figured out! But after we did, it went really smooth. The pieces fit together pretty well & it was time to glue them together! Okay- here is where we deviated from the tutorial. I tried & tried to glue the frame together before adding it to the mirror by applying liquid nails to the corners & leaving it to dry overnight. I don't know if it was the weather or just Kelly error, but the frame would not stay glued together!! So, I moved on to plan b- paint each side piece & then add the sides of the frame to the mirror individually. I started with the left side piece, added liquid nail & glued it directly to the mirror. I then did the top, right side & finished with the bottom of the mirror. Great news- it worked!! To make sure it would stay in place, I added some blue painters tape to it until it dried.
I left the tape up for about 24 hours. And let me warn you- liquid nails in a small space like a bathroom stinks!! for days!!
Anyway, after removing the tape, all i had to do was fill in any gaps in the corners of the frame with wood filler, sand & repaint where I sanded. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but after I got it figured out, the guest bathroom mirror only took half of the time!
Here's the finished mirror

 I LOVE it!! I didn't loose much of the mirror & it gives the bathroom a more finished look!
Ignore the sweats, but check out that pretty corner. Let me tell you- I was very impressed with myself!! Guest bathroom pictures to come after I take them :)

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