Monday, September 6, 2010

Decorating with tips

Before we decided to do our cupcakes, I hadn't used icing bags or tips in a VERY long time!! I had gotten lazy with our cookies & used Wilton icing pens. But we decided we needed to do these right, so I headed to Hobby Lobby & got lots of disposable icing bags, some couplers & a couple of Wilton decorating tips to try out. Our first try with the tips was more about learning how to pipe out of bags with different tips, pressure & homemade butter cream icing. Most of the cupcakes that we decorated that night were random designs. Some of them turned our pretty cute! So here are some pictures of piping night #1

I decided in the middle of our decorating to try one of the designs that I found in my Martha Stewart cookbook, a ladybug. I didn't have all the correct candy to fully create the ladybug, but I couldn't resist trying it out! So here is our almost complete butterfly cupcake!
So what to do with a whole batch of cupcakes that we made for fun? I took them to work!! They were super excited & thought they were yummy :)

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