Monday, May 23, 2011

Waiting on Nate

My cousin Bobbi & her husband Roy are expecting a baby boy at the end of June. They won't reveal his full name yet, but the part of the name we do know is Nate J Rodriguez. It is their first baby & we are all super excited for them! The shower I helped host was two weekends ago. I got baby Nate's present completed early, thanks to Aunt Sharon & her sewing machine she let me borrow! I was looking forward to the shower especially since we had decided to do "Create your own onesies" instead of the typical baby shower games. (For future reference, I am so not into those kind of games!) I'm sure lots of people have heard of this, or done this before, but I actually saw the idea first on an episode of Grey's Anatomy. :) My idea means it was my job to gather all the materials to make it happen. I bought lots of different fabric paint pens/markers & about 20 onesies in assorted sizes and colors. The idea was that at the shower, everyone who's interested, grabs a onesie & paint & makes a special creation for baby Nate to wear. Anything goes! But, about 2 weeks before the shower, I found out that I would be going to Paris for work on the shower weekend. I was bummed that I would miss the shower & my great idea in action, but I mean, Paris. Sorry Bobbi!!
For my presnet, I appliqued 3 onesies for baby Nate & spiced up an ordinary wipes case! The first one is a black onesie with his name stitched on it :).

I got the idea for this tie onesie from all over blogland, I can't find the specific post! Drew had me looking for argyle fabric, specifically for daddy Roy. He wears it alot! Drew hand drew the tie for me & I just copied & cut it out! Super easy & way cute!
This "N" onesie is cute too, but the back is the best part!

Bobbi & Roy LOVE their dogs. So hopefully, Nate will too!
I LOVE this wipes case! As you can see, I used the same fabrics throughout the onesies & wipes case so that everything would match for Nate! I got the idea for the Wipes Case from my friend Jennifer at Paisley Pink Polka Dots.

Drew was my guinea pig onesie decorator. Anyone who knows us, knows that Drew is really the more creative & artistic one of us! Also not surprising, he decided to do a Dallas Cowboys onesie for baby Nate. The awesome part of this is that my Grandmother Kelly, who will be Nate's Great Kelly, is also a HUGE Dallas Cowboy fan. So this onesie by Drew came with instructions, "to be worn when you visit Great Kelly".
Here's the artist with his work. Like the way he's trying to be all serious? Yea right!! I think he did a great job for his first time with fabric paint!
Word from the shower is that Drew's onesie was in the running for best design!
Also, my mother keeps promising she is going to send me the pictures from the shower showcasing some of the amazing custom onesies, but I am tired of waiting on them. I'll post them when I get them!

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