Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Amanda!

My friend Amanda turned 30 this year on January 14th. Her sneaky husband Chris decided to have a surprise party for her & put me in charge of the cupcakes (surprise!). Unfortunately for me, he gave me no kind of ideas or direction to go with the decorating. Only strawberry & pink. Well, yea, duh. Hmm, she does have this (weird) obsession with donkeys, maybe...nope, not going to happen. Sorry Amanda! I did think about it for a second! Instead I started searching Pinterst for fun new decorating ideas that I hadn't tried yet. I found this Pin that used edible monograms as cupcake toppers. Love, but it needed a little bling.
Here's a close-up of the letters. They were very easy to do & look so pretty :). I heated white candy melts until they were liquid. Filled a piping bag with the melted candy, using a plain round tip, then traced each letter (multiples of each in case they break!) onto wax paper. After piping each letter, I covered the letter in pink sugar sprinkles. Then stick the wax paper into the fridge until the candy hardens. They peel up pretty easy from the wax paper after they are hard, only broke 1!

It's nice when something simple, looks so pretty & time consuming :)

I piped all of the cupcakes with a large star tip. They were strawberry cupcakes with butter cream icing. Amanda's favorite (& mine!!). Love this Instagram photo.
Here's a picture of some of my favorite people!! From L-R, the birthday girl Amanda, Jennifer, Mindy & Kristen! My friends are smokin' hott! :) 

Here's one with me in it. I'm 4th from left.
I can't believe I don't have a picture of just Amanda with the cupcakes! Next birthday I guess!
If you want to read all about the party from her perspective, make your way to her blog, The Parr Family Adventures!!
Happy Birthday Amanda!! Hope 30 is the best!

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