Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Princess (barbie) Cake for Jolie!

My niece Jolie turned 4 in May. Last year she had a Tangled themed birthday party complete with my cupcake version of Rapunzel's tower. This year her theme was any and all things princess, including a princess cake. She wanted ALL of the princess on her cake. Luckily for me, I talked her down to one princess with a cake skirt. In pink Aunt Kelly, PINK!! That I can handle!!
On my practice night, I realized that I had vastly underestimated the size my princess would need to be. Oops!
On with the skirt trials! I wasn't going for a specific Princess' look, I just wanted a very pretty, feminine skirt. Roses were cute, but we decided the ruffles were the best. I liked the purple/pink skirt, but was reminded by the birthday girl that it needed to be pink. PINK! So, skirt done! And the search for the perfect size princess begins.
  (I know they have dolls at Hobby Lobby for this exact cake, but I think they are kind of creepy!) I went first to Target, then Walmart but then by Toys R Us, I had decided that maybe she didn't actually have to be a Disney Princess. So, I grabbed a Fairy Barbie (who ended up losing her wings) and brought her home. The skirt now looks proportionate to her body, but now her legs are way too long!! Who would have thought princess searching would be this difficult?
UGH! So, easiest fix- make two skirts & stack them. As you can see on the left, I had to kind of shape the top layer so her skirt wouldn't look boxy. Luckily, all those pink piped ruffles covered alot!! 

I was super excited to show Jolie her princess cake!
And since all the guests couldn't eat off of Jolie's princess cake, I also made a Neapolitan rose cake. No one in my family can eat the same flavor of cake, so I figured three layers, each different, everyone will be happy! These rose cakes are so pretty & easy!
Here's the birthday girl with both of her cakes, because of course the candle couldn't go in the princess's skirt! She LoVeD them!! :)
Loved them so much that she was licking the icing off while we were singing to her. I did not eat a piece off that side!!
The Neapolitan was super yummy & looked really cool when it was cut! I am a strawberry/vanilla girl, so I gave my chocolate to my husband!
 And this is how the princess fared. Lucky she has any part of a skirt left after Jolie got a hold of her! That girl loves icing!!
So the party was a success & we had lots of left over cake! Makes me feel good to see something I've created make someone that happy!!

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