Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Jolie!

My amazing little niece Jolie's 3rd birthday party was June 4. My brother called me & asked if I could do the cupcakes. Of course I can!! Anything for Jolie :). After much debate between fairies, pirates & who knows what else, Jolie decided she wanted a Tangled themed birthday party. Having never seen it, all I knew was that it was Disney's newest version of Rapunzel. I definitely had to do my research to get it right!
Cody (my brother) wanted to make sure we had a tower, so that's where I started my search. Luckily, anything can be googled these days, and I found one that I could make that was totally edible.
The majority of the tower is made from pecan spin rolls (love those nasty things btw!) with icing vines & flowers piped around. Add a large size cupcake & an upside down dipped waffle cone, & you have Rapunzel's tower!
I made lots of piped flowers to go with the tower to make it a whole scene. I went with purple, pink & yellow flowers because those are the majority colors you see in the movie. -I know this because the entire time I was icing the cupcakes at mom's, I was watching the movie. Super cute!! I love Disney!
Here is my entire creation. Good news- Jolie LOVED her Tangled cupcakes!
This is my brother Cody, sister-in-law Teria, and their daughter Jolie, the birthday girl!
I mean seriously, look how excited she is?! This is the first year she really knew what her birthday was all about, & it was soo much fun to watch!
 That's Jolie's little brother Cade behind her with the spoon. He is 7 months old & super adorable!
 She did very well blowing out her candles! I don't know if you can tell, but the flames are colored!
Jolie's personal cupcake is the one in the middle, that is slightly larger than all the rest.
I really wanted a picture of me & the birthday girl, but she was way more into the cupcake her parents were finally letting her eat!
LOVE this!
This is what was left of Jolie's cupcake. We asked Jolie-"where'd all your icing go?", to which came the reply "in my tummy!"
I got her to try on one of her birthday shirts at the end of the party to make sure they all fit!
So, the birthday party was a super success! It was hands down the most fun & excited I have been to make cupcakes! Like I said, anything for Jolie!
Can't wait til Cade turns 1. I'm sure Cody will have something super boy up his sleeve. Better start working on my camo....

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