Thursday, June 2, 2011

Practice, Practice

So I haven't made roll-out sugar cookies in a while, and after using that pre-made stuff for my sugar cookie fries, I decided it was time. The icing that I grew up using is a mixture of just powdered sugar & water. Super easy & soo good! Only problem is, it doesn't pipe well. Since I'm into trying new things, I have been searching the internet for a good royal icing recipe that I can use to pipe.
I have tried one recipe from the blog Sweetopia twice, once with my Valentine's Day cookies and again at my friend Kristen's shower. Both times, the icing turned out okay, but not great. I can't seem to get the consistencies correct, especially for flooding. So after more blog searching, I decided to try a new recipe from Sweet Sugar Belle.

Hers used less powdered sugar & a spray bottle. Interesting, I know. I'm not sure if it's because I was a little more practiced or patient, but this time, it worked! I broke the icing down into two batches. One, I made thicker for piping & the other had a much thinner consistency for flooding. Since these were just for fun, I decided to use my favorite shapes that would be pretty to pipe. I went with hearts, three kinds of flowers, & an ice cream cone, just for summer! I used very bright & vibrant colors.
It was definitely a learning process. Do you pipe the border & then fill it immediately? Can you layer wet icing on wet icing or does it need to be completely dry? You can see in the ones I did, there was definitely a learning curve!
I really liked the tulips! Very pretty! :)

These little flowers on stems are by far my favorite. Love the yellow petal with a pink center!
These cookies are alot of work! I'm thinking next time, I might try a combination of my old icing & the new royal icing. Flat ice with mine in one color & then just use the royal icing for piping. That would make it a little easier. We'll see! And since today is the last day of school for Drew, they went to work with him. Enjoy!

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