Thursday, June 23, 2011

A wedding shower

Stacy, who contacted me about Amanda's baby shower cupcakes, had me create some cupcakes for her soon to be sister-in-law's wedding shower. The wedding colors are red, black & white, so we did red & white flowers in black liners. I could not find black mini liners anywhere in College Station, so the minis had to be lined in white.

She needed three dozen full size & two dozen minis.
Her flavor choices were half buttermilk & half marble (a mix of chocolate & vanilla). I was excited she chose the marble because it was a flavor I hadn't tried yet. They were really yummy!
I was skeptical on the colors, because red is one of the harder colors to get right, but I think they ended up very pretty!
Okay, one more :)
I love the piped flowers, one of my all time favorite designs!

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  1. I found you by blog hopping! I LOVE these! If you ever do a tutorial, let me know, I'd love to learn this technique! BEAUTIFUL!!!