Monday, June 6, 2011

Archie Parr

Our friends Kristen & Jennifer threw a baby shower for our friends Amanda & Chris Parr this weekend. The are expecting a boy on July 4th, named Archie. As is the case with our hectic lives, unfortunately the shower in College Station was the same day as my neice Jolie's 3rd birthday party, in Sinton.
 Of course, I got my sewing machine busy for both Archie & Jolie's presents! I sent my present for Archie with Jen & spent the weekend in Sinton with my family & the birthday girl!
 Archie got a onesie with his name on it, a onesie with a coordinating tie, styrofoam letters for the bath & this really cool frog that gets hung up by the tub for all the cool baby toys!

I hated not being there, but I hope Archie will like his personalized clothes!! I checked out Amanda's blog The Parr Family Adventures this morning & she already had pictures posted! And yes, I'm super excited that there's one of mommy Amanda holding up the Archie onesie!! By the look of the picutres, Jen & Kristen did a great job! The decorations are super cute!!

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  1. yes i LOVE LOVE LOVE the onesies!!!! thanks so much for the gifts! i cant wait to get Archie in them :-)