Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Valentine's Day - Part 1, lingerie & heart cookies :)

 What to do with a sick husband in bed & a Saturday night all to myself? Try something new!! I've been making roll-out sugar cookies all my life & use a simple recipe of powdered sugar & water for icing. They are super yummy, everyone loves them. Problem is, it's not an icing you can pipe with. My friend Jennifer had sent me this link for hearts & lingerie sugar cookies from the blog How Does She that week, so I knew exactly what I was making that night! I decided to try a new kind of icing that is perfect for piping, royal icing. The recipe for royal icing that I tried is one the How Does She blog linked from the blog Sweetopia.  It took me a little while to get the consistency right (& I'm still not convinced it was right) but I got it where I could start piping. Yes, I'm impatient, but I really loved the way these heart cookie pops turned out!
To get the chasing hearts, you draw small dots around your heart, then drag a toothpick through them to connect the dots. The drag is what then becomes the heart. If you go the the link, she does a step by step tutorial for how to create your own! Way easier then they look! So pretty!

Next come the slightly scandalous but totally fabulous lingerie cookies!! I mean, it is fixing to be Valentine's Day!! These were done by first laying out the heart "lace" then piping & flooding the royal icing & lastly covering the icing in solid sprinkles. They were a little tedious but so worth it!! 
These two are my favorites!
 Surprisingly, I know!!

Here are 7 best pairs :)
Even Drew perked up long enough to admire my handy work!
& you see the top right hand pair in white that are not in the right order? I'm pretty sure that was Drew.
I'm not done with Valentine's yet, I love anything that is all pink & hearts!

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