Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wedding Cake Pops

I am EXTREMELY proud of these cake pops! The girls in my family hosted the Sinton wedding shower for Drew's little sister on Saturday. I saw these on Bakerella and knew they would be perfect for the shower. I couldn't find the exact same size cookie cutters as Bakerella, so my tiers are a little bit larger. And let me tell you, they were a lot of work! But very worth it, when the finished product looks like this!!
You start out by making regular cake pops. When it's time to shape them, you mold each ball into one of your circular cookie cutters to create a tier. Then re-freeze. When you pull them out you have to use melted candy coating to "glue" together the two tiers before dipping.
After the tiers are together, you stick in your pop stick & dip into the white candy coating. You add the heart sprinkle on top next, while the candy is still wet.
After they are completely dried you can decorate however you wish. I piped a line between the two tiers & added white pearls. To complete the look I sprayed them with a pearlized edible spray, which made them look very finished. We displayed them in a crystal vase filled with sugar. The packed sugar was tight enough to get all the cake pops to stand up! It was very pretty!
I also made red velvet & fresh strawberry mini cupcakes that we iced with blue & green. (Lauren's colors are peacock) Mom really helped me here while I was dipping!
My 2 year old niece Jolie came to the shower & wanted a cake pop immediately! We didn't want her getting into the wedding ones before the guests did, so Aunt Kelly had made special Jolie cupcake pops.
I took lots of picutres of Jolie enjoying her pop. She was just soo cute & seemed to be really enjoying it! She wanted PINK!
She was a little confused about the whole hard shell for a little bit & did lots of licking her cake pop.
But as you can tell, she's related to us & figured out how to get to the good stuff pretty quick! She really liked them!

Here's Jolie with her 2nd cupcake pop & even sharing with her friend Piper. They were super adorable!
The cake pops were all a hit! Everyone loved them, which made all the hard work worth it! But it will be a while before I make the wedding cake pops again...

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