Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cupcake surprise for Ms. Brown

One of the girls who was in Drew's teaching quad last year recently got married. Since Ms. Brown was getting married on a cruise ship to some exotic location, one of the other teachers, Mrs. Dunlap, ordered some mini cupcakes for Ms. Brown & her class to celebrate. Mrs. Dunlap ordered 48 mini vanilla cupcakes, iced in pink with pink sprinkles. Ms. Brown's favorite color is pink! (perfect for me, right?) Drew had the delivery job this time, since all he had to do was drive them to school. We had one mini cupcake death on the way to the car, but that's why I always make extras! Drew said the kids loved them so much that poor Ms. Brown didn't even get one! O well, guess that's being a great teacher & showing them how to share! Anyway, so here are the pink mini cupcakes for the bride. And since the blog is late & the wedding has already happened, Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Samuels!

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