Thursday, March 10, 2011

Maddy Madness- ladybug cupcakes & cake pops

That was the theme for 2 year old Maddy's birthday party this weekend. I work with her grandmother Donna who asked me to make the cupcakes for Maddy's big day. Maddy loves two things, ladybugs & the color pink. So what did we do? Combine the two of course! I made all strawberry cupcakes, so that even the actual cake was pink, 20 full size & 20 minis. I made an extra-large cupcake just for the birthday girl that I cut & shaped to create a ladybug! I also made 6 ladybug cake pops that turned out SUPER cute! Thank you Donna for bringing in pictures of the birthday girl with her cake!
Here's a pic of how they laid them out to serve at the party. Love those glass trays! The pink block for the pops is something I whipped up last minute for them to use.

Here are more pictures of everything I made that I took the night before at my house.
I think these cake pops are soo cute!! I was waiting for them to start talking to me or start buzzing!
Maddy's lady bug with pink butter cream icing. The head, white eyes & spots are fondant while the antennae & black eyes were done with candy melts
The top of the cupcake was cut off & cut in two to make wings.

Here's how I laid them out at my house. Looks like the ladybug is surrounded by all the pink flowers!
I just LOVE all the pink!!
Maddy & her family loved all the cupcakes & the party was super successful! Thanks for letting me join in on Maddy's big day!

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