Sunday, October 10, 2010

A baby shower for Sarah & Jack- cupcake flower pot

I got my first call to do cupcakes for an event!! A baby shower! Okay, so it was my mom calling & I was also one of the hostesses, but the fact that I was the go-to dessert made me happy!! My mother, sister-in-law & I were in charge of the baby shower for Sarah & Jack Stephenson. It was being held in Sinton on a Saturday so I couldn't do any of the before work at home. We took Baby Cakes on the road. Teria, my sister-in-law, helped with the chopping/mixing, my two year old niece Jolie did the egg cracking (on me, but that's another story) & I did all the fast & furious baking/icing for our cupcake creations. We were making one batch of strawberry cupcakes, one batch of brownie cupcakes & two batches of butter cream icing. And since it is us, we didn't start all of this until 10:30pm Friday night! Needless to say, it was a long night! But we got them done & we think they turned out pretty fabulous! We made two flowerpots for the main tables & then arranged the other full-size & mini cupcakes on pretty glass trays.

Do you see the fabulous bows? Those are actually stretchy head bands for baby girls with clip on bows to make it easy for them to be changed out. The bows were custom made for me by the awesome Sandra Knox in Sinton. Her bows are amazing & she will customize them to match any outfit!

 Yum! They were a huge hit! I couldn't be more excited!

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