Sunday, October 10, 2010

My new favorite thing- flower pot cupcakes!

Cupcake flowerpots!! I saw these on an episode of DC Cupcakes & decided after just learning how to do flowers that I would have to make them! I googled them to find out what exactly they were using as "stems". Here's what I did: Take a regular flower pot that you can buy anywhere & get a Styrofoam ball that fits half way down inside the pot. Get small sized dowel rods for the "stems". Construct it all the way you think you want it before trying it with already iced cupcakes. The hardest thing was figuring out the spacing to try & make them look more natural instead of perfectly lined up. Cut the dowel rods down until they are a couple of inches long & stick them in the Styrofoam where only the length that will go inside the cupcake is showing. After that glue something as a filler in between where the cupcakes will go. I used green tissue paper. When you have your pot ready, add the flowers! Really pretty simple, just takes a little work to get it all set up. They turned out great & can be used as a really awesome center piece!

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