Sunday, October 17, 2010

Do-it-yourself Baby Cakes

Kambryn, the birthday girl!
My sister-in-law Ashley contacted Drew & I to do some Baby Cakes for our niece's Kambryn's first birthday party. She had a fun idea for the kids, creating their own Baby Cakes! Since her older sister Kynlee is 3, it was really something for her & the older kids to do during the party. I made 2 dozen strawberry cupcakes, not iced. Then we made butter cream icing & bought tons of different kinds of toppings that the kids would like. We brought mini chocolate chips, colored sugar, crushed up candy bars & lots & lots of sprinkles! We did it outside on the deck with a sheet under us. I gave the kids a quick example & then they got to it! It ended up being a total hit at the party & all the kids had tons of fun making their own cupcakes. If fact, many of the kids made lots of their own cupcakes! Here are a few pictures from the party that I was able to get from my mother-in-law.

We had soo much fun!! And what a fun party idea for little ones!

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