Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bible Study Halloween cupcakes

I am in a Tuesday night Beth Moore bible study this semester. Our class is so big, we have to sign up in groups of 5 or 6 to bring desserts for the class. When it was our turn, everyone of course was expecting me to do cupcakes. But, since it was Halloween & we had a Monday holiday (Columbus day, I think!), I suggested that we do a group cupcake decorating party. I made the cupcakes Monday morning, brownie & buttermilk this time, and the girls came over in the afternoon to decorate. I looked up some easy designs for the groups through the Wilton website & Martha Stewart's since most of the girls were beginners on piping. I also pulled out all of my sprinkles, in case some felt more comfortable just flat icing & sprinkling. Our main Halloween designs were a candy corn, mummys & pumpkins. Since it was for bible study, we decided to leave out some of the other designs I would have gone with like the witch, Dracula, ghosts, or spiders. Since I get to decorate pretty regularly, I did a couple of examples & mostly sat back & watched the girls create lots of super cute cupcakes!

Did I mention we decorated almost 100 cupcakes?

Here are the girls! Kristi, Crystal, LeeAnna, Ragna
We had a really great time decorating & if left overs mean anything, the women really enjoyed them!!

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