Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tiffany's Baby Shower- flower cupcakes

My best friend Tiffany is having another baby. She has a little boy & is now having a girl! We are soo excited for Kallie to get here! Since this will be the first girl out of 5 cousins, we decided she needed a small baby shower so that we could buy lots of pink!! We had it at my house with our closest girlfriends. Of course, I made the cupcakes. We did a mix of full size & minis, strawberry & buttermilk, as well as one flowerpot. As you can tell our theme was very girly!

(the flowers in the right corner are my anniversary roses from Drew!)

pink for strawberry, yellow for buttermilk

I love the minis, but you eat so many more without realizing it!
The shower was a hit & Tif got lots of great things! Pictures of baby Kallie to come when she arrives!

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