Thursday, November 4, 2010


October 24 is the best day out of the entire year. Why, you ask? Because it's MY birthday!! I am one of those people who absolutely loves birthdays, but especially my own! I go above & beyond to make sure the people that I love have great birthdays so I get super excited when it's my turn. Luckily, this is something my husband Drew understands & does a really great job of making happen for me. This year we decided to have a party for our friends at our house. Drew usually cooks, but we had about 22 people confirmed, which meant a lot of food, & Drew outside on the grill all night. Not something I want to happen when it's my night & I want him to be with me! Selfish? No, this time it's valid. :) So, we ordered chicken/beef fajitas, rice/beans & all of the sides from Rosas's Mexican food. All we had to do was pay & pick up! Best part was, NO clean-up!

The food was great, but the best part of the entire evening was dessert. I love, love, love cake. Whether it be in cupcake form or layers, I LOVE cake. But I can't make my own birthday cake, so Drew to the rescue! He followed my mom's old from scratch strawberry cake recipe & made the best birthday cake I have ever eaten! He even made the frosting from scratch! ALL by himself. I didn't help, at all! It was super sweet of him & I bragged on him all night. Everyone was super impressed with him & loved it! That's my man!

Yea for being 26!! Thanks for the cake Drew, it was yummy!! I love you!

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